The Toxic Top 10 – Overview

Environmental Toxins are a broad entity of toxins. This grouping encompasses every toxin in our lives. We have been inundated with 80,000 chemicals since World War II. 1500 new chemicals each year (at best); 10 are tested for neurotoxic effects, 0 are tested for synergistic effects. Unfortunately, this is how they are used in the marketplace. Most of these are affecting us in our homes, not in the outside environment. The EPA estimates that our indoor air is 5-7 times more toxic than our outdoor air and in new construction, 100 times more.

It is impossible to tackle such a broad spectrum of toxins so Dr. Pompa narrowed it down to what he feels are the worst offenders -The Toxic Top 10.


We apologize! We realize the quality of this video is poor and will have a better video available next week! In the meantime we highly recommend you listen to Dr. Pompa as he presents this information.

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#1 Household Cleaners

#2 Contents (Carpets, Furniture, Appliances/Flame Retardents)

#3 WaterNew Video!

#4 Mold

#5 Pesticides


5 Under Your Roof and 5 Under Your Nose

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#6 Food

#7 Amalgams

#8 Vaccines

#9 Plastics

#10 Toxic Beauty

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3 thoughts on “The Toxic Top 10 – Overview”

  1. Thank you Dr.Pompa, my family and I have been eating and cooking meals that are natural and organic for a few years now. God led me to your Healing Diet. I am on day 22 and both my daughters who are in college are doing it with me. I will stay on it longer so soon they will add some healthy grains. Thank you for this valuable information on the toxic top 10 and thank you for all you do to help people. God bless you.

  2. Cynthia,

    That is so great to hear!!! We are updating our cookbook which will be FILLED w/ more and more GREAT recipes. Zucchini bread, chocolate chips for the cookie recipe and MORE!

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask 😉

    Thanks again!

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