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Carpets, Furniture, Appliances/Flame Retardants


Some of the major chemicals released from new carpets and furniture are formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and xylene.  The carpet fibers themselves, the rubber backing, the glues, dyes, fungicides, and stain resistant treatments all outgas these chemicals for up to three years after installation.  However be careful with really old carpets, as they can be an infestation for molds and other allergy-causing agents.  Carpets are always the dirtiest places in our homes even when they look clean.


Even furniture made of pressed laminated wood—which is used to make both inexpensive and expensive furniture—contains formaldehyde which is extremely poisonous.

These chemicals are also harmful because they—like the toxins from cleaning products—make their way into the dust you and your children breathe.

Appliances/Flame Retardants

A new study showed flame retardants are present in the body of almost everyone in the U.S., and they are known to be a possible cause of hormonal, neurological, liver and other health problems.

On average the largest contributors of flame retardants were:

  • Computers
  • Vehicle seats (cloth was much higher than leather)
  • T.V.’s (regardless of age or type)
  • Sleeping pillows & Mattresses (Worst: Polyurethane foams)

Safer Resources:

We highly recommend and feel that this is the safest resource:

Green Building Supply (carpets, pads cleaners, finishes, paint, air systems, sealers, etc.). Contact Joel at (800) 405-0222 and mention “Health Centers of the Future”. Or, visit them online:  www.greenbuildingsupply.com.

Additional resources (make sure to ask each vendor for their healthiest lines and question the contents):

Shaw Carpets (ask for No-VOC line)  – www.shawfloors.com

Eco By Design – www.ecobydesign.com/shop/carpet/

Natural Home – http://www.naturalhomeproducts.com

E-House – www.checnet.org/ehouse

Nirvana Safe Haven – www.nontoxic.com

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