#3 Water


People still believe today that drinking tap water from faucets and water fountains is safe because it has been treated with certain chemicals that kill bacteria, parasites, and other harmful organisms.  Here’s the truth: these very same chemicals that protect us from such microorganisms are ironically linked to more dangerous diseases.  Unlike the water in places like Mexico and third world countries, our water’s supply doesn’t hold nearly as many dangerous microorganisms that cause illnesses like Montezuma’s Revenge and others.

However, we do face a new challenge. In water, there are two major chemicals added that qualify as majors threats that must be eliminated.  These two chemicals are chlorine and fluoride.


  • Healthy toothpaste (without fluoride)
  • House filtration
  • Individual carbon filters
  • Reverse Osmosis (RO) filters
  • Distillation
  • Shower carbon systems

Bottled Water – This water is better than tap, however remember our section on plastics.  Stay away from “natural” spring water because you don’t know what you’re really getting.  Instead, go for RO or distilled water.  The big downside is plastic and high costs.

Safer Resources:

We highly recommend Virgin Pacific – Contact Kyle Kuypers at 414-241-8808 and mention “Health Centers of the Future” for a 10% discount. You can also visit them online at: www.virginpacificwater.com

Compare the top water filters – www.waterfiltercomparisons.net/WaterFilter_Comparison.cfm

American Water Technologies – www.awatertech.com

Advanced Water Filters – www.advancedwaterfilters.com

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