#4 Mold
Without question, the most widespread and under-diagnosed neurotoxic illness is caused by mold. Mold itself has become widespread because the modern way of constructing buildings tends to create an environment favorable to mold growth.

  •  House humidity levels must be under 50°.
  •  If your basement gets wet, you have mold (where there is water there is mold).
  •  Most mold is not seen.
  •  25% of the population is sensitive to the biotoxin that mold produces.
  •  Toxic indoor molds and the molds responsible for neurotoxic illness are not outside mold.
  •  Biotoxic illness is not a mold allergy. Some of the first symptoms of biotoxic illness are morning stiffness, brain fog, fatigue, sleep disturbances, digestive issues, and trouble seeing at night..
Safer Resources:

Green Building Supplies – Mold free drywall, air systems, etc. – Contact Joel at (800) 405-0222 and mention “Health Centers of the Future”. Or, visit them online: www.greenbuildingsupply.com.

IAQSource.com – Air Systems and ERV’s (fresh air systems)

ChronicNeurotoxins.com – A great resource to learn more about mold.

“Mold Warriors” a book by Dr. Shoemaker – A great resource! You can find it here.

Concrobium – A great product to clean-up mold. You can find it here.

RGF Environmental Group – Mold control in HVAC and Home – www.rgf.com
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