#7 Amalgams
Studies indicate that the more amalgam fillings (silver fillings) are present in your mouth, the more mercury you will have in your organs, including the brain, kidneys, heart and liver. Mercury is the 3rd most toxic element on the planet. Amalgam fillings are the number #1 adult source of mercury. Dr. Pompa and others feel that mercury from amalgam fillings are the number 1 cause of unexplained illness.

WARNING! Do not remove amalgam fillings without a proper protocol!
See a Health Center of the Future Certified Doctor.
To find one in your area: 888-600-0642.

  • Silver fillings leach mercury for the lifetime of the filling.
  •  The number of amalgams is proportional to the amount of mercury in your brain.
  •  Most countries have bans on amalgam fillings except here in the United States.
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