#8 Vaccines
Vaccines although credited for saving the lives of children are responsible for the majority of unexplainable childhood diseases on the rise today.

  • Vaccines are a temporary immunity which alter your immune system for life.
  •  Vaccines stimulate your bodies emergency immune reaction (TH2) that leads to hyper-immunity, such as an increase in Allergies, Autoimmune Diseases, and even Cancer.
  •  Common ingredients in vaccines are Antifreeze, Aluminium, Mercury, Borax, MSG, Animal organ tissues and blood, Aborted human fetal tissue, Human Viruses, Animal Viruses, Foreign DNA, and the list goes on.
  •  The flu shot still contains 12-25 mcg of Mercury
  •  Study show that flu shots increase Alzheimer’s by x10 fold.
  •  You still have a right not to vaccinate. Know your state laws for Religious or Philosophical rights.

The best resource for information on vaccines: www.marytocco.com.
Another good resource: www.nvic.org.
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